Juan-Carlos Rustarazo

A man of creation and passion.


Very young, Juan Carlos Rustarazo discovers the luminosity and the power of crystal glass.

He becomes rapidly fascinated with the making of this material, when his Father a

glass-master and his Uncle, a glass-cutter introduce him to this magic world.

  Born in France, his Spanish origins influence him enormously and his French and Spanish cultures support his open-mindedness as well as a strong tolerance… “an undeniable asset” Juan Carlos confirms with conviction. In particular, he remembers the weekends spent working molten glasswith his father’s Italian and Spanish friends.



When Juan Carlos turns 13, his family leaves the North of France for Normandy.  At 17 years, Juan Carlos obtains his Diploma in Wood Sculpture and begins to work in one of the Bresle glass companies, in the valley dedicated to the glass industry. In addition to working with glass for the perfumery industry, Juan Carlos discovers the world of automobile industries.



During this period, Juan Carlos meets Mr. Robert Granai the famous French Sculptor from the House of Guerlain. For the first time, Juan Carlos discovers the true senses of the word “creation” all the while learning how to materialise Mr. Granai’s concepts.



What does fascinate Juan Carlos? The path creation takes, the balance between the respect of the idea and its materialisation. Inspired by the charisma as well as the modesty of Mr. Granai and for a period of four years, Juan Carlos is chosen to materialise the ideas transmitted by the Designer.



In 1990, he has the opportunity of joining Ateliers Dinand, founded by the Designer Pierre Dinand and well renowned for their very creative spirit. This opportunity is a major step forward for Juan Carlos.



At the same time as working at Ateliers Dinand, he assiduously attends the Maurice Ravel Academy of sculpture, enabling him to discover other materials and to exchange his ideas with other passionate artists. In a short time, Juan Carlos rapidly moves from interpreting ideas of Designers to creating his own designs.


Convinced of the potential of Juan Carlos, Pierre Dinand gives him more responsibilities and autonomy. In 1995, Juan Carlos officially represents the Ateliers Dinand in Latin America and Spain where the company develops many projects.




When Pierre Dinand leaves Atelliers Dinand, Juan Carlos Rustarazo accepts to take on the management of the Creative Department. There he develops projects on concepts, product ambiances, and new creative lines all the while remaining faithful to his vision.


He defines the creative directions, ensures the artistic and technical follow-up of contracts with the Couture houses and Companies’ Brands. He also deals with development and presents  all Atliers Dinand’s projects: Dolce & Gabana, Tiffany, Valentino and Lagerfeld…


In 1999, Juan Carlos decides to create his own Design Agency - dome - based in Levallois-Perret a short distance from the centre of Paris where he is now able to apply his way of working with his vision and to find time to draw, to work the materials…


Juan Carlos is profoundly convinced that creation implies a comprehensive approach and that its realisation meets the requirements, as well as the philosophy and ethics of the brand. For Juan Carlos, no matter the project's importance,  it is essential to respect this approach.


His motto? Creation is not an isolated act, it always fits into a logic which calls upon the sensitivity of the one who creates, with his/her interpretation of the world and his/her memory”.

For Juan-Carlos, the person who creates has great sensitivity and will seek in the depth of his/her being very diverse elements, of harmonious alliances that will faithfully reveal and awaken all


the senses... sometimes recent, often hidden, always present in the memory, to assemble and make them reappear in another form as if by magic. Today, Juan Carlos continues to create with passion and it is with pleasure and emotion that he presents his latest creation.


Discover his private world through this versatile sculpture, for the first time signed in his name:  Juan Carlos Rustarazo Creation Exclusive.

Lucia Hinz.